Friday, November 5, 2021

Care of Cichlids-Advice for Beginners

Lake Malawi Cichlid Information-Why Choose Them?

Cichlids can be a pleasurable fish to have in an aquarium tank for the home. The reason why is because they are very energetic, active, and alert thus making them very entertaining to watch. An additional benefit of cichlids over a standard tropical fish tank is you can disregard the rule that says you must have 1 inch of fish per gallon. Also, cichlids like to roam all over an aquarium, exploring all areas, making them more noticeable than other tropical fish that mainly school together in one area of the tank. So it is very important to learn the proper care of cichlids and that is why I have started this cichlid site.

A huge difference between cichlids and other types of fish for aquarium of the fresh water type is they are extremely territorial. Because of this it is recommended that you put in more than what is recommended for typical tropical fish. Yes, packing your aquarium full of cichlids will not allow them to establish boundaries and territories. If you choose to only have a few and you decide to add other fish later it is a good possibility that the cichlids will defend their established territories and can viciously attack the newly added fish. You can avoid this dilemma by adding lots of cichlids.

It is also recommended that you add many species but don't add pairs (unless you are planning on breeding). If you have no pairs then there won't be any cichlids ganging up together and bullying the other tank mates. This will also add much variety in the way of patterns, shapes, sizes, and colors, and thus make your tank really stand out as unique. Because no two fish look alike your tank will be fascinating to view and to show off.

If you want an aquarium full of entertaining and interactive fish then a cichlid aquarium just may be the best choice for you and your family. Listed below are some topics that are discussed in this blog to help you to learn about these exciting and popular fish species and with this information you will know how to properly take care of these beautiful and unique creatures. There are other species of cichlids, such as South American Cichlids, but in this blog I only feature and discuss Lake Malawi Cichlids, particularly Mbuna's .

Lake Malawi Cichlid Care Topics:

African Cichlid Tank Requirements - Cichlid species are a little more complicated then your common tropical fish species and so it is necessary to know how to set up the best possible aquarium environment for them. If you do this right, your cichlids will thrive and bring you many years of happiness. This article helps you to be able to do that.

Cichlid Aggression Prevention - Possessing an aquarium full of aggressive cichlids can present problems. However, with these suggestions you can maintain a relatively "peaceful" atmosphere. Practically nothing can guarantee that your cichlids will not fight but it's worth a try and confronting the challenge can be enjoyable. If you do the proper research you can find relatively peaceful cichlids that can cut down tremendously on the aggression in the tank.

Cichlids and Other Fish - There are some other tank mates that you may want to add to your cichlid aquarium. But since cichlids can be very aggressive fish, it is not recommended that you just add other species in the aquarium without knowing if they are compatible or not. If you don't want your other fish to be ate you might want to consider this article.

Lake Malawi Cichlids Natural Habitat - My cichlid blog only deals with the Malawi Mbuna Cichlids and it is good to know what their natural habitats are like so your can sort of recreate this environment in your tank, if this turns out to be your choice as well. You can decorate your aquarium to closely match what they are used to. These decorations can range from having a sandy bottom, rocks, deep grass, or a combination of the three. Read more about the African cichlids natural habitat so you can setup a great environment for your fish to thrive by learning how to create a lake affect similar to what they are used to.

Choosing African Cichlids - Here are some guidelines on how to buy the best quality and healthiest fish. You will also receive some suggestions on how to spot cichlid diseases or illnesses, thus avoiding getting unhealthy fish.

Mbuna Cichlid Diet - Here you will find recommendations on how to feed your cichlids. I give a thorough feeding plan which will help you to maintain the health, color, and growth of your Mbuna cichlids.

Lake Malawi Cichlid Beginners - This article is for those who are new to having cichlids. It lists some things to keep in mind to be successful.

African Cichlids - Mbuna - These are a very common cichlid species for a home aquarium. They are widely available in pet stores and are very popular among hobbyists. This article provides some common names and their given scientific names.

Hopefully the listed links will help beginners learn the proper care of cichlids.
(An excellent must-read is the book entitled: Lake Malawi Cichlids (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)